Agent-Based Modelling Laboratory

Faculty of Science | York University

The ABM-Lab offers a research and training program to develop professional skills with a solid theoretical background in systems biology, with particular emphasis on computational epidemiology, pathogen-host dynamics, ecological interactions, inference and data analysis, stochastic modelling and agent-based simulations, and use of smart technologies in modelling infectious diseases and other biological systems. The program provides an enriched environment for interdisciplinary networking activities and collaborations across disciplines with the involvement of stakeholders, industrial partners, and knowledge users.

The ABM-Lab has access to computational facilities offered by the Compute Canada system, and is equipped with a computer private network, Mac Pro workstations for all research activities, and a high-end server and large storage capacity on-site. Smart technologies and communication portals are available for collaborations, webinars, asnd sharing information and knowledge generated in the Lab. The ABM-Lab is an independent research entity hosted by the Faculty of Science, and its research and training activities are supported by several funding agencies including CIHR, NSERC, and Mitacs.

Canadian Foundation for Innovation Award (CFI Award)

Quantitative Methods and Infrastructure for Rapid, Evidence-Based Decision Support in Public Health

The ABM-Lab is now equipped with "Areto" compute cluster

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Positions Available:

Graduate Studies:

  • PhD: open for Sept. 2019
  • MSC: open for Sept. 2019

Undergraduate Students

  • Open for Summer 2019

If you are interested in joining the research team at the ABM-Lab, visit Join the Lab for more information on available positions