Agent-Based Modelling Laboratory

Faculty of Science

PhD Position"Computational Epidemiology" (Start Date: September 2020)

If you are interested in continuing a PhD program in Computational Epidemiology in the ABM-Lab, please indicate this in the research statement of your application. An average of A/A+ in applied or computational mathematics is required for this position.

Interested applicants should send their applications through standard admission process at York University (Graduate Studies). Applications which satisfy all the requirements of the graduate studies will be evaluated for a PhD program at the ABM-Lab.

Questions regarding your eligibility for PhD/MSc should be addressed to the graduate program.

The ABM-Lab will be recruiting graduate students (MSc/PhD), and postdoctoral fellows with a broad interest in modelling dynamics of population biology, particularly in modelling of emerging infectious diseases and its application to public health policy and decision making. A BSc/MSc/PhD degree in applied mathematical sciences or other fields related to health sciences with mathematical background is required.

Interested applicants should visit the Graduate Studies webpage at York University for more information on the application process.

For graduate studies, particular emphasis will be on computational epidemiology, involving modelling, analysis, and large-scale simulations of biological systems. The program will provide a solid theoretical background in systems biology, and include curricula in Computational Mathematics, Pathogen-Host Dynamics, Ecological Interactions, Inference and Data Mining, Stochastic Modelling and Simulations, Network Theory, and Agent-Based Modelling. The program will provide an enriched environment for interdisciplinary research and training with significant networking activities and collaboration across disciplines.

For undergraduate projects and summer research programs in disease modelling, please email

Funding is available.